Doug Koenig’s Championship Season: Bianchi Dreams

Hamburg, PA., –
Doug Koenig’s Championship Season, now in its eight year airing on Pursuit Channel finds Doug reflecting on his early competition action shooting years that has led him to his Bianchi Dreams. What began as a hobby visit to a local gun shop in Pennsylvania, turned into mentors encouraging Doug to shoot local matches that eventually evolved into a full-time professional career.

Tonight’s episode features the NRA Bianchi Cup in Columbia, MO, a match consisting of four courses of fire, shot at varying distances with competitors shooting both weak and strong hand. On the line of fire is a field of competitors who represent the finest handgun shooters in the world all vying for a chance to hold the prestigious Bianchi Cup above their head. Tune in to see how this collective group of competitors handle the weather, the unknowns and the stress.

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Doug Koenig’s Championship Season returns to Pursuit Channel. From remote hunting destinations to the firing line, join your host and world shooting champion Doug Koenig on his quest for the ultimate trophies. Championship Season features a gritty combination of fast-paced shooting competition and wild hunting adventures – all with rugged, reliable Ruger® firearms. Whether it’s bull Elk, whitetails or competition shooting, one thing is certain…bullets will fly and it’s gonna be a wild ride!

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