Doug Koenig welcomes new 2016 sponsor: H&M Blacknitride

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Akron, OH., – H&M Blacknitride, setting the new standard in surface treatment and steel hardening for the firearms industry, aerospace, auto racing, armaments/defense and manufacturing announces they are now sponsoring World Champion Doug Koenig.

“It was the right choice to partner with H&M Blacknitride this year,” Doug Koenig remarked. “My pistol is exposed to unpredictable weather conditions during a competition season along with the thousands of rounds I put down the barrel; H&M Blacknitride will now protect the integrity of my firearm.”

Koenig, a 16 time Bianchi Cup Champion and winner of more than 70 National and World Championships has competed professionally for 26 years. Balancing his competition schedule along with hosting his television show Doug Koenig’s Championship Season, Koenig places a high emphasis in only using equipment that will enhance his performance on the shooting range. Doug’s S&W® Performance Center DK 38 Super 1911 pistol will be Blacknitrided and make its debut at the US National Steel Championships.

“All of us at the company are well aware of the responsibility we have to ensure Doug’s firearm runs smoothly,” Shade McMillen, Vice President of H&M Blacknitride said. “We’re looking forward to working with Doug and following his full competition season, as Doug now joins Bruce Piatt, Tony Holmes and completes our circle of World Champion Shooters we sponsor.”

2016 SHOT Show Appearances: Booth #1919

  • Wednesday, January 20 from 4-4:30 pm
  • Thursday, January 21 from 9-9:30 am

H&M Blacknitride, a division of A McMillen Company is a family-owned business in Akron, OH. Serving the metal processing industry since 1948, H&M is the new standard in steel hardening. The Blacknitride process is proven to provide corrosion resistance, lower coefficient of friction and increase lubricity. H&M’s stringent quality testing ensures the integrity of their customer’s products. To learn more about H&M Blacknitride, H&M Blacknitride Facebook.

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