Doug Koenig Championship Season: Ep. 9 The Centennial State

North Bethesda Vrilissia Hamburg, PA., – Doug Koenig’s Championship Season returns to Pursuit Channel celebrating its ninth season. Taking a scenic road trip west, Doug meets up with Spur Outfitters in Walden, CO for a combo hunt. After zeroing in his rifle, Doug and his guide leave camp the next morning for a spot and stalk Pronghorn Antelope hunt. It doesn’t take long when glassing the rolling sagebrush hills, a small herd of bucks appear and the selection process begins. Continuing on with his hunt, Doug gets a whiff of musk in the air as he walks through a thick area of conifers and hears the sounds of bugling nearby. Realizing his patience has led to a promising opportunity, a Rocky Mountain Bull Elk comes into range. Stay tuned as these two exciting hunts come together.

Each week, Doug Koenig’s Championship Season airs on Pursuit Channel three times. Previous aired episodes are available at and searchable by the show title. You can follow Doug competing at the range or in the field hunting on Instagram @dougkoenig1 and

  • Wednesday at 5:30 pm (EST)
  • Friday at 9:00 pm (Eastern Primetime)
  • Saturday at 1:00 am (EST)

Doug Koenig’s Championship Season takes the viewer from remote hunting destinations to the firing line. Join host and world shooting champion Doug Koenig on his personal quest for the ultimate trophies. Championship Season features a gritty combination of fast-paced shooting competition and wild hunting adventures – all with rugged, reliable Ruger® firearms. Whether it’s bull Elk, whitetails or competition shooting, one thing is certain…bullets will fly and it’s gonna be a wild ride!

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